Skink No Surrender

Hias_9780375870514_jkt_all_r1.inddTitle: Skink No Surrender

By: Carl Hiaasen

A girl that isn’t accepting your phone calls, or answering your message——nope, not even in the bedroom, no hesitating, a missing girl— kidnap, or escape??

That possible day, Richard and his cousin Malley, planned to meet together at the beach where they usually go. Malley, that always have a way and strategy to slip out of the house, didn’t seem to appear at the beach. She isn’t accepting the phone calls from Richard, or even replying the messages. By that time, Richard had a terrible feeling that something weird and strange must have happen on his cousin Malley. For few minutes later, Richard arrive at Malley’s house and discover that Malley’s bedroom light isn’t on. Plus strangely, Malley isn’t even AT her house. Richard discover that Malley is gone. No phone calls, emails or messages from Malley. The school or even Malley’s friends and BFFs didn’t have any sign of where she went or where she is. Malley’s parents thought that she already pack up and went to the school her parents assign for her to go few weeks ago, but the only sign and clue Malley left is that she slipped and went out with a male that seems to be a man she met online. Richard and Skink; a stranger he met on the beach, went on a “trip” to find Malley. Will he made it??

This book is a mystery genre and is quite a excited story for you if you like detective and mystery kinds of books. Richard, a boy that really cares for his cousin Malley, and would actually do anything to find her back. Throughout the story, he constantly cares for Malley in his heart, and to me, I felt like he promise himself to find Malley. On the other hand, Malley, Richard’s cousin, is actually wanted to get away from the school her parents assigned her to, so she decide to went out with this man she met online. I really think that having a cousin like Richard is really nice, at least having someone that cares about you and someone you can play and talk to.

Sometimes Malley reminds myself in Auckland. During the one month in Auckland, New Zealand, I always contact my friends at school and see if they have time to go out and play together, but I never tell my parents when I go out. Once I’d tell my friends to meet at the beach near my house and have some ice cream. Just on that day, my mom is having dinner with a aunt outside, which is also a surprise for me, but too bad, I already went out with my friends. My mom didn’t know that I went out, which she went in a hurry to the school, but at that time, I’m already at the beach eating ice cream and chilling with my friends. After I went home, I didn’t see my mom or the car, so I called my mom’s cell phone, which obviously I got in trouble and I never dare to do that again… Well at least telling my parents before I went out.

Skink No Surrender is a book that I give it a 4 out of 5. I personally really like mystery kinds of book, so I pretty much will recommend this book to you. I think this book teach you not to give up, but to keep on chasing your dreams and to keep on doing unless you couldn’t do it. I hope you like this book, plus the library also have this book, so feel free to check it out.

By: Rachel H.

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