The Girl Who Wasn’t There

By: Karen McCombie

The girl who wasn’t there is a book that is full of mystery and excitement. There was a girl named Maisie moving into a house and then she meets a girl there named Kat. They spend a lot of times together as best friends. But one day, Maisie found out that Kat was a ghost. She lives here a long time ago. Why she is still here and how did she die?? What happens to her? In this book, Maisie needs to help Kat to figure out the mystery…… Come and join Maisie of the mystery of Kat. This book was full of mystery and excitement.

Maisie was a teenage girl who moves into a new house after her mother’s death. One Saturday, Maisie was looking at her new school, then she spotted a girl standing in the left-hand window. The girl is dressed in white, touching the glass and looking straight at Maisie. Maisie was frightened, she wonders who was she? It’s Saturday, school’s gate was lock and no one was allowed in the school but the girl….. That’s where the mystery between Maisie and Kat start. The day that the school starts, Maisie meet a girl name, Kat. They become close friends, they do things together and laugh together. They have so much fun! Until one day, a rumor about the school start, Maisie starts to wonder that is the person that she spotted in the left-hand window the school ghost people are talking about? Maisie started to search around the school and her friends and neighbor to get more clues about the school ghost. Finally, one day, she found an old tin box full of photos and letters. She then spotted a class photo that was taken in 1980’s. Maisie looks at it for a few minutes then she once again spotted a girl in the picture smile warm and look friendly. That girl looks familiar, Maisie thinks for a few moment then she turns around and looks at Kat. The girl in the photo looks just like Kat!!

So now, Maisie has to help Kat to solve the mystery. How did Kat die?? This book was a really good book for you if you like mystery. And of course, if you are a girl, and you like mystery, REAlLY RECOMMENDED!!! I think this is a very fun book because the author use ghost to represent a friendship. I never saw books like that before. So I really like this book and of course, I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. This book is not too hard and not too easy. So it a “Just Right Book” for you if you are in 5th or 6th grade.

I really like this book because the author uses different ways to represent a friendship and the story was really cool and interesting. And I like mystery books. So if you are like me, like mystery and enjoy books similar like this book, check this out! You will like it!

By: Celine K.

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