Title : Cinder

By: Marissa Meyer

   Blue spots growing on your body. In danger of the plague. Cyborg, stepmother, Prince Kai, saving the whole Earth…

Cinder is a human-like cyborg who is a mechanic. She lives with her mean Stepmother and stepsister. Her only friend is her 2nd step sister Phony. Her stepsisters get invited to a party while cinder is at home working.Just before the party, Phony asks Cinder to take her to the junkyard with her. Just in the junkyard, Phony catches the plague.Blue spots start growing on Phony’s skin. She is taken the palace so others won’t catch the plague as well.Cinder’s stepmother blames her because she took Phony to the junkyard. Meanwhile, she meets Prince Kai , a queen who wants to kill her,and finds out a big secret about her and that she is the only person to save everyone in the world.Will she decide to save the world by using a special feature that is given to her and save people from the plague?Or will she decide to keep her power hidden?

In the world, there are still some plagues happening and I think this book refers to an environment that could happen if you were in the situation of a plague.This book is based on Cinderella, but just a more modern story of it.

I recommend this book to people who like exciting adventure and fantasy. If you like exciting adventure and fantasy, then this is a perfect book for you that you will enjoy and recommend to others.

By:Claire R


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