The Trials of Apollo Book One: The Hidden Oracle


Have you ever thought of 下載what a demigod is? Well, this book will tell you all about it but not only that, it will also tell you about a wonderful story of the Greek god Apollo and his story.

Apollo, the Greek god of the Sun, Music, and prophecy was doing what a normal god would do. Doing what he wanted and making people super lucky,  until he was accused that he started a war. His dad, Zeus, banished him from the skies and made him into human. Apollo prayed that his dad would come to say sorry making Apollo human but for hours, Zeus didn’t come. So that’s when Apollo met a girl named Meg and started his own adventure. This is what he thought. There is only one place that can help me, and that’s where Apollo went. Camp Half-Blood.

I will recommend this book to whoever like fantasy and adventure. I also recommend this book to ages 8 or up despite it’s violent scenes, but overall, I love this book. This book is a book of what I call “Can’t put the book down” book. I just can’t stop reading it. Like whenever I have time I just read it.

Now, you know why I like this book. I bet that you are thinking that you want to go to the library right now and borrow this book. Well, what are you waiting for?

By Ryan T.

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