The Land Of Stories Series: Beyond The Kingdoms



Have you ever read a book that has a mission for the main characters, but also connects to many different fairy tales? If not, you really should read Beyond The Kingdoms, The Land Of Stories Series book five! You sure will know what they did, and the little stories for them!

Once upon a time, in the “Fairy Tale world”, there is a twin that got magic in their blood. The sister is called Alex, the brother is called Connor. One day, they found out that their dad, raise from the dead, or is it their uncle Lloyd, the mysterious person? That leads them to find who is it and what did he wants to do. They travel to different stories through the book. In every book, you will meet a character. After they traveled a few stories, they met the mysterious person, he separated the twins and their friends in different stories. Will they be able to come back home, know who is the mysterious person and how to stop him from stealing potion? If you want to know, you got to read this book!

Alex is a 14 years old teenager, she was living in the “other world” which means where we are living with her stepdad, Mom, and Connor in our world. In the third book, she said she wants to learn magic and stay here, so she stays in the fairytale land. For Connor, he is just a regular boy who likes to write and has magic in his blood, just like his sister! Before I read this book, I also read something like this, but, this is way too much better! This book gained mystery, fantasy!

This book is super mysterious, connects to different fairy tales and some magic, in addition, it also gained some adventures!. If you like this book, you must read other books from the land of stories. Every time I started to read this series, I just won’t stop, my parents already tell me to go sleep, but I just kept reading! I recommend you to read this wonderful book!

After these, would you like to read this book? Try reading this, it is kind of thick but full of fantasy! I truly recommend this to people who like mystery adventures and fantasy books! Alex and Connor are waiting for you in the book!

By: Bella H.

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