spy school

spwy stuff edea la who whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Title: spy school

By: Stuart Gibbs


Need a good spy book to kill time while you’re bored? Well if you are, then spy school is the perfect book for you. If you don’t think it’s good the first time? Then you simply read until you think it’s good!

The book is about a kid named Benjamin Ripley, who had a boring life. Until one day he found a CIA agent in his house, that told him that he will be enrolled in a school for spies. But, as soon as he got there, he was put in a test that could have killed him, than confronted by a bully who thought he had some sort of talent. Not, exactly good for first impressions. When you’d finally think he’d get a chance to rest, he get’s attacked by an assassin in the middle of the night. Not exactly what he planned. After being attacked, he and a fellow student in spy school find out that the assassin is a mole. FYI a mole is kinda like a bad guy hidden inside a group. Like a bad guy who acts like a police, but is actually working for the bad guys. When he realizes who the assassin is, he tries to find the mole, knowing that the bad guy captured Erica. Can he save her, or will she die?


I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery/awesome reveal. Also, this book is probably 90% awesome to everyone who reads it, or at least 11-12-year-olds. After you’ve read the first book, you probably won’t be able to stop yourself from getting the next book


If you like an awesome spy book, then you’ve found the right book.


By: Michael Tai

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