Michael Vey- The Battle of the Ampere

Vey-BattleAmphere-Wall3-1280x800Title: Michael Vey- The Battle of the Ampere

By: Richard Paul Evans

Electricity is one of our most important things of our lives. From air conditioning to 3C, phones and television, and finally to making humans. One person that is an electric kid is called Michael Vey. He is a high schooler and also he was created by a group called the Elgen. In the third book of the Michael Vey series, you see that Michael and his friends are trying to sink the Elgen’s super yacht, the “Ampere”.

The setting takes place in Peru and the battle took place on the E.S. Ampere, an Elgen super yacht build for bosses like they own the country. If they lived in any real countries they probably would be arrested and be in trouble so the Elgen decided to make their own country. Taylor Ridley is Michael’s girlfriend. she has an ability to make a person forget the thing that happened recently and can read anyone’s mind. Michael’s best friend, Ostin Liss, a genius and useful considered by everyone. Hatch is a leader of Elgen, who is a boss by another anonymous boss. The story follows Michael Vey, the only teenager who is diagnosed with tourette syndrome who discovers that he has electrical powers that can grow in voltage. Michael and his friends continue to fight the Elgen who use a modified, malfunctioning MRI scan to test the newborns in hospital in Meridian, Idaho, like a lab rats. The Elgen try to disrupt their plans to rule the world. Hatch, the boss, tried to control the Electroclan, which is a bunch of kids with their own special electrical powers. Michael and his friends must continue to fight the Elgen and try to disrupt their plans to rule the world.

 Next, I think that the admiral of the Elgen is pretty stupid since he is just stubborn and he just wants people to do things for him and he just wants nobody to disobey him, and whoever he finds out that disobeys him, he just kills him or her. While I was reading this story, I thought of people that were prosecuted during the time of when Jesus was around. It also reminds me of World War 2 when the people were killed because of their religion. But in Michael’s case, he and his friends were being tried for no reason!!! For once, if Hatch would just realize what he was doing, probably he would have stopped it. One problem is that the Elgen is the biggest organization of the world, so it may be impossible for them to be stopped.

I personally would recommend this book to people who like science fiction and for those who are about 9 years old to 15 years old. One reason I think that this book should be from 9 years old is that there might be some parts that might include rats and death. Another reason is that little kids might think that it is scary when people can reboot people’s minds.

Lastly, I would personally remember that whatever is scary in the book isn’t really real and shouldn’t be remembered overtime. I think that is because, when you remember those parts of the book, it is not really good for us. That is because when you remember it you may remember those things.


By: Jonathan H.



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