Keeper of the lost cities Neverseen

Neverseen-HiRes-FlatTitle: Keeper of the lost cities/ Neverseen /Book 4


By: Shannon Messenger


Are you interested in fantasy? If you are this is the book for you. It has people with powers like Vanishing (disappearing), Empathy (can tell emotions), Telepathy (can read your mind),  Technopath (good with gadgets), Mesmer (can make you do whatever they want), and Conjurer (if you know where it is can make it appear anywhere you want it to.)  Plus lots more.

The main character is Sophie and in this book it includes her friends Keefe, Fitz, Biana, and Dex. Plus the Black Swan who made Sophie which you will learn later and the Council in which some ways is against Sophie. In this book you see the Lost Cities which is where the Ogres, Gnomes, Dwarves, Elves, plus lots more. And the Forbidden Cities which is where the humans live. You will also see some of the Black Swan’s secret hideouts. In this book Sophie faces great battles and healing a person with a broken mind. And also helping her friend Keefe through the hard times, for example when he figures out his mom is part of the bad group and his whole life has been a lie. Sophie also takes the chance to go to Exilium where when you go there you can never come back, to save her friends lives. Also she goes through many many many tragic wounds with herself and her friends. And also before this book there is book 1,2, and three and after this book there is book 5,6, and 7.

I think that Sophie can hold a lot of pressure, responsibility, and emotions. I also think that Sophie loves to put others before herself which is sometimes really helpful, useful, and kind but sometimes she needs to put herself first. And I think that a lot of people but themselves first in the world but most of the time you need to put others before you. And I think that in all of the Keeper of the lost cities books, Sophie is kind, loving, and makes a good friend to everyone who knows her.

I recommend this book if you like Fantasy and people with and using there powers. But I would also recommend before this book reading 1,2 and 3 because it gets confusing if you don’t read the first three books.

So if you like Fantasy then this is the book for you. I think that if you like to read about someone who is loving, caring, responsible, can bear a lot of pressure and emotions then this is 100% for you. I think this book is also an Adventure it’s awesome because Sophie and her friends are always on the move they never ever stop. Some parts in this book also go by really quick but some go bye super duper slow.


By: Meg G.

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