Title: Frazzled

By: Booki Vivat

Are you feeling like you’re having issues being in the middles? Want some suggestions to cool you down from thinking and just let the things figure themselves out? Frazzled will be the perfect book for you to read.

This book is about a girl named Abbie Wu who is having disasters about being the middles. She is the middle child, and she is in middle school too! She thinks nothing good happens in the Middles. Considering to the Middle ages, the Middle seat, and being the middle child. And Middle school is changing her life forever, even her friends like middle school! Everyone seems to have a “thing” except for her. What can she do about being the middles? Is there really nothing to do?

Abbie Wu has just graduated from elementary and now she is in MIDDLE school, which is her worst nightmare. She sometimes is overreacting to situations but sometimes takes it seriously. She has a bigger brother named Peter Wu but doesn’t tell people in the school that she is related to him. And she also has a little sister named Clara who always acts cute but actually is very stubborn. She thinks her family doesn’t understand her and that she is in big trouble! She is always in crisis.

Next, I would like to tell you how this book is related to me. First of all, I also just graduated from elementary which means I’m a 6th grader right now just like Abbie. I sometimes think that Middle School is just driving me CRAZY! I’m really obsessed with getting perfect grades, so that’s a problem for me. Also, I still have problems OUTSIDE of school, so I have to go through it two times! So eventually I’m probably going to go NUTS!

I recommend this to people who enjoy laughing along the way to finish their book. This book is for all ages, kids to adults, whatever you like!

Also, this book’s AR is 5.0, it includes some little doodles in it. So if you like doodling, this might be the book for you!

Lastly, I want to say the reason why I liked this book. One reason is because of the doodles, the author had some funny doodles beside the text and sometimes helps me understand words I don’t know. Second, the text is very hilarious, it very funny and entertaining. In the second book, what will Abbie do to survive?

By: Emily L.

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