Title: Divergent

By: Veronica Roth


   Have you ever read one of those books where the beginning is boring but the end is just thrilling and after you finish you just feel satisfied? Well,  Divergent is the perfect book for you. In the beginning of the book, It talks, about how Beatrice had to choose abnegation or a faction or to be factionless. Which if you were factionless you would be considered and ranked lowest on your social structure. After she goes in front of the crowd to pick her faction and be part of a faction. In order to join a faction, you need to drip your blood in one of the three bowls. She chooses the Dauntless the meanest and most violent group later on in the book you will find how she has changed and how her attitude was transformed. In the book, she learned how to fight, use a gun, learn how to stronger in her character. Tris or Beatrice slowly moved from a nobody to the top of her faction and she makes friends and a lot of enemies. Meanwhile, there is a whole lot of evil that is rising that she doesn’t know about. This evil is run by this evil person named Jeannine, she wants to turn all the dauntless soldiers into killing and murdering machines. She does this by injecting a serum that makes them feel like they are in a simulation, they don’t know that they; are killing but they do it anyways also before they are free to kill and unleashed they had to be put through a simulator that makes them conquer their fears and make them be able to kill anyone. It is Tris’s destiny to fight and defeat the evil forces of this corrupted world will she be able to defeat evil or will she be consumed by her peers and killed?

   Tris is a girl that comes from a normal family she thinks but little does she now her mother’s jeans had been passed down to her and now she is Divergent. Being divergent can be dangerous because that would ruin the evil mastermind Jeannine’s plan and if she finds a person who is divergent she will send people to kill you unless you hide or kill her first. Being divergent will also, benefit you. You will be able to bypass the serum that is injected in dauntless soldiers so you won’t go and randomly kill other people.

   I recommend this book to people who like a thrilling and a book that contains violence and a little of romance. This book is great for a slow reader and people who can really understand books and people who can connect the information throughout the book from the beginning of the book to the end. THis book has a lot of scenes filled with suspense and terror.

   In conclusion, I want to state that this is probably the best book I have read that involves thrill and the author make the story twist and turn, when you read this book it’s like you are on a roller coaster going all over the place and you just hear the scream of excitement and adrenaline in your spine.


By: Ethan.K.H

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