Dead City

dead-city-9781442441309_hrTitle: Dead city

Author:Suzanne Collins

here are a lot of good books out there but one day I went to the library and the book’s cover had captured my interest. It is called “Dead city” first I read a few pages and I already love it! There are some hard vocabulary but other than that, the book is pretty good to read! It has an original idea, a conflict, and cool characters. I recommend this to people who likes fiction stories, and aren’t scared easily.

Dead city is about a girl who’s wanted a normal teenage girl life her name is Molly, apparently she is a bit different from others. Now, everyone is different, but she is pretty known for being weird at her school,because she apparently hangs out at the morgue, and fight zombies. She begged her mother to let her go to the girl scouts but her mother let her train to fight. Her mother is dead now, in the current time where the story was said, she died of cancer so now Molly often go to her work place. One day at school, she was introduced to a group of people at school. They thought she was cool so they trusted her and told her about how zombies are spreading out in the world and they were different types of the undead. First she was offended and thought they were joking about the fact that she’s hanging out at the morgue but no, they just wanted to be friends so later on, she finds random zombies out on public.

The author of this story also wrote  hunger games, which is another book or movie that is pretty famous. So if you liked the hunger games then I think you’ll like this too!I’m sure they will both have the same writing style since they are both from the same author. The hunger games and dead city has complete different themes and concepts. Even though ‘Dead city’ is really great to read, it is not as famous as hunger games.

I recommend this to people who like fiction and can relate to the main character, like having social issues, having less friends, into things like learning about the undead and learning about the human body. The book’s vocabulary is little hard sometimes though so I recommend for more native english speakers or fluent english speakers

So that is why I like “Dead city” and recommend it to people who are interested in it. Consider checking it out, you might even like it. Remember, it is good to try out new things. Like reading this book!

By:Jacinta W.

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