All her life Rio wanted to leave Atlantia and go to a place of freedom and happiness! Above. Her sister, Bay, wanted a companion and convinced Rio to stay. But things start to get interesting as Bay leaves to the surface without any warning! Join Rio as she searches for clues to find and figure out why she left!

After losing Bay, Rio finds her friend True to help her find Bay. Rio has difficulties being a siren which means she can’t use her real voice and has to force herself to be monotone. She finds out things about Bay she never knew before! She meets her mysterious aunt Marie who taught her how to effectively use her real voice, and she comes up with some conspiracy about the council. In the process, she finds out who killed her mother or if she was murdered at all!

Rio is a very interesting character and you learn about her as the story goes on. You get to find out about being a siren and how Atlantia works. Rio is definitely smart and even strong to a certain extent! We learn she’s good at swimming! You defiantly get to learn a lot more about the characters as the story progresses.

I would recommend this is to pretty much everyone! It has a mystery, it has some fantasy without being too off the rails, there is action and adventure, it’s all around a good book! Plus it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time trying to figure out the mysteries of Atlantia!

So in conclusion, This is a fun book right amount of challenge for beginning readers and an easy read for experienced readers! When I read it I found A lot of words I never knew but now I understand! For example, Reverence means deep respect or awe. So next time you’re at the library, try to find this book and you won’t regret it!

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