The Serpent King

Title: The Serpent King

By: Jeff Zentner

  Do you ever feel like there is no point in life for you or you feel lonely? Do you want to read a book about high school troubles? Or are you interested in learning about the American south? Well, the Serpent, King is all about friendships and if there is meaning in life, if you are lonely or having problems with your friendship than this is the book for you!

In Forestville Tennessee, there is, nothing spectacular most people that are there will stay there the rest of their life. 3 friends Lydia, Dill, and Travis have known each other for the longest time. Dill’s dad a former pastor in jail used snakes to test if you were faithful to God. The trait of having snakes in his family’s blood runs in the family. Having a fear of snakes doesn’t help especially when your family expects you to keep up with the family tradition. Dill knows sooner or later he will get this trait of the Serpents curse or is there a way to stop this from happening? Dill must decide if he will let his family’s past influence his friendship with Lydia and Travis. Lydia has it all in life her parents love her, she is super smart and she is going to get into one of the top schools in the US but first, she must unravel the mystery of Dill’s past. Travis a fantasy lover and an oddball that reads lots of books and is obsessed with fantasy is abused by his dad a drunk ever since his older brother died. Travis feels most comfortable when he is able to talk and be in the fantasy world but the constant reminder from his dad of Travis’s brother being a great role model makes Travis feel uncomfortable and want to live up to his dad’s expectations. The only friends he has besides Lydia and Dill are some online friends he hardly knows. Lydia and Travis must unravel Dills family’s mysterious past before it is too late and Dill has been affected by the Serpent’s curse. They must suffer hardships but grow even stronger in their friendship to find out Dill’s past.

I think this is a good book for people that are dealing with struggles in their relationship’s. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and you will never want to put it down. I recommend this book for ages 6th grade to Young adult’s because of the maturity of the book and being able to understand the meaning of the book, the reading difficulty is not hard at all but the overall meaning is deeper. If you are not looking for the meaning of the book and just want to read realistic fiction or read a book about high school you can do that also because Jeff Zentner does a really good job of making the story come to life any way you read it.

This is a really good book and you will easily be able to relate to the humorous characters. I hope you can find the time to read this book, it is worth it to spend your time to read this book especially if you are dealing with friendship issues or if you are just curious about the meaning of life.

George L.


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  1. makgrade6 says:

    Good Job, George


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