The Call Of The Wild

Title: The Call Of The Wild

By: Jack London

I honestly don’t like reading classics. They bore me to death- but the moment I started reading this book, I was addicted like never before. It pulled me in and I couldn’t stop reading. So even for such an “anti-classic” reader like me, I find this book really interesting and it turns out to be one of my favorites this whole year!

“The Call of The Wild” is about a dog named Buck that lived a luxurious life in California and has almost all he could ask for. He never had many feelings for his owner other than the fact that he was “master”. Everything changes when he is kidnapped/dognapped and sold to become a sled dog in a harsh environment. Facing cruelty at every turn, and a harsh, unforgiving weather that he had never endured before, he is less at home than ever before. The other sled dogs aren’t even remotely friendly, others preyed on the weak. Either Buck pushes through and becomes stronger and smarter than ever or he perishes like other weaker dogs. Passed from one owner to another, things only seem to get worse… until Buck meets his savior and finally comes to understand the true relationship between humans and canines. But his hardships aren’t over yet, the wild lures him back to the forest, and it calls louder and stronger by the day. Drawing him back to the trees, to the wolves, back to the wild. This book spins a fascinating tale of cruelty, the will to survive, and the love between men and dogs.

I highly recommend this book to all readers from upper elementary and older (basically grade 3 and up if advanced enough). It’s intense, tender, nerve-wracking, and sad all in one book. It also helps us understand the cruelty that we inflict on animals. Even though we may not know if the account of what Buck felt in “The Call of the Wild” was accurate, we can still understand the wild lust that is in the animals that don’t belong to a domestic life, the conflict between man and animals, and even man to man. While this book contains a lot of cruelty, it’s also very realistic to the real world around us.

If you are interested in animals (particularly wolves and dogs), have the ability to tolerate a lot of “non-action” scenes, cruelty in a very gruesome form, and sad outcomes, then this is just the right novel for you!

By: Hope Y.

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