The Boy And The Samurai

Title: The Boy And The Samurai

By: Erik Christian

Do you like some action if so the boy and the Samurai is the perfect book for you.

Have you seen fighting if not then this book will grab you by the throat and pull you


This book is about a super young, smart homeless boy who lives in Japan and gets rejected by his dad. Then the dad turned him into these people whom he stayed and there was a woman, Dad and a baby girl but then their town got burnt and he could not find his “Parents” so he ran away scared and then meets a man who lives in a temple. The priest then helps him through the winter and becomes close friends. The boy meets this young Samurai and the samurai is very sad because something happened to his wife and it is up to the boy to free the wife and get away as far as he can with the priest, samurai and the wife so they don’t die. You will find many hard and fierce events in this chase.  

This book is supposed to calm you and bring peace into your life. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to look at the olden days or see what it was like to be a poor kid in Asia. I also recommend it to people who struggle with rage.

If you like action, asian or olden day then this book is perfect for you.

By: Ezra G.

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