Title: Strawberry Girl

By: Lois Lenski

Have you ever need to move to a new place or learn a new culture or even have to new friends and new neighbor. Well, Birdie Boyer, a little girl, and her family just move to Southern Florida in early 1900s. They raise cattle, tend an orange grove and plant many different kinds of crops including strawberries. Her family is in this new state along with new neighbors, new friends, and new adventures everything is new to her.

The Boyers had met their biggest challenge which is the closest neighbor, the Slater family. Sam Slater doesn’t keep them off the Boyer property or from destroying their fields and crops. Birdie’s father warns Sam to keep the animals off his property, but the Slater family ignores the warning.

When the Slaters’ hogs start getting on the Boyer property once again, Birdie’s father does more than notch one of the hog’s ears.  Then the two Slaters girls bring over another threatening note from Sam. Soon Birdie’s mother finds their dead mule in their field. Sam sets a fire in an attempt to force the Boyer family to leave. The prairie fire burns the schoolhouse, but the Boyer family is able to protect their house from the fire.

Even as the men quarrel, Birdie and her mother reach out to the Slater family and try to build a good relationship with their neighbors. But Mrs. Slater sometimes blames the Boyer family for her family’s troubles and gets jealous of the Boyers. At the same time, she visits the Boyer family and asks for help. Birdie and her mother are hospitable to Mrs. Slater and the family when they stop by to visit. They also share food supplies with the Slaters and help nurse Shoestring’s mother and her children back to health when they are sick.

A traveling preacher finally brings peace and reconciliation to the men when Sam has what is described as a conversion experience at a meeting. Sam tells his family and the Boyers that he wants to be a better husband, father, and neighbor. A new company has come to town, so Sam plans to work for it and sell some of the cattle. Birdie’s parents surprise her with a new organ for the family.

I recommend this book to anybody who likes to read realistic fiction and who is interested in old style life.

This book tells us to forgive others no matter what. The book has adventurous events and will keep you on the tip of your toes.


By: Jerome W.

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