Splendors and Glooms

Splendors and Glooms

by: Laura Amy Schlitz

Do you feel like you need some magic? If you do, you should open the book “Splendors and Glooms”. It will for sure give you some magic power, but you won’t regret it.
Lizzie-Rose, and Parsefall, the twolittle innocent apprentice of the Puppet Master Grissini met Clara at her own birthday party while Lizzie Rose makes friends with her. Grissini also met with Clara, but he tried to give her a watch. When Clara went missing, and Grissini were gone with an almost dead body, what can a teenager with a kid do? Why did Mrs. Pinchback take care of them? Is it because its just for her kind heart, or is it because there’s danger behind it? They stepped into their adventure, but will they succeed? How can they live? Is Clara’s case related to the missing of Grissini? Or it just a simple coincidence? Why would the Mr. Wintermute and the police feel like the two kids are suspicious? Is Clara related to the watch Grissini had? What is the mysterious letter about? Would Lizzie Rose and Parsefall find the truth and save themselves from such a big bad conspiracy? Would Spring Day come after the long Winter?
I think this book is a good book to show the harshness of orphans and chill you down.
Sure the Phoenix Stone is hot and scary, but be careful that your bone will chill to freeze. I suggest the kids whose reading level just moved from under 4.5 to over read this book. As I thought this is a good level to start reading the long novel. And if your first experience of something is bad, it may make you shrink back and not wanting to go on. And surely Splendors and Glooms is a good novel to start, as the rhythm of it is, very tense, and you will not feel boring at the middle of the book and will want to keep read on. Also, I suggest those girls who are afraid of magic and scary books to read this book as their first scary book, because it will not scare you too much if you just read it over without thinking, because it is a book that really needs to “Think Hard and Deep” to understand the metaphor and simile hide inside.
Do you feel like you need to work out your brain, try out this book? Also, receive the magic power of, but be careful, do not get stuck in the big conspiracy.
By: Claire Y.


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