Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant

By: Derek Landy

You looking for some spooky, thrilling and funny book that is not too hard to read? Well if you are then Skulduggery Pleasant in the perfect book for you!

Skulduggery Pleasant is a adventure book about a teenager named Stephanie Edgley who had recently gone to the funeral of one of her loved family members. At the funeral the house of her passed away uncle is given to Stephanie’s family which makes her cousins jealous because they got some stupid brooch, but IS it a stupid brooch? Stephanie also sees a rather peculiar person who was in the back with a scarf covering his face and sunglasses loomed in the shadows behind them. After the funeral Stephanie goes to her uncle’s house and due to some unexpected issues she has to stay the night in the creaky house and that’s when a man knocks on her door. What happens next? It’s up to you to find out.

This book series is fantastic with it’s many twist and turns. If you’re looking for a good series of books these are the books for you! I still have yet to read the other books because they have not been put in the shelves of the library and my sister says they are good, but you watch out, because you might be craving more.

I would personally recommend this book to people who like fantasy and adventure books especially because this one is not hard to read. Any gender would like this because it isn’t too feminine or manly.

By: Joshua Y.   


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