Title: Pax

By: Sara Pennypacker

If you ever find yourself missing someone that you were once close to, and you want to bring back some memories and connections between the two of you, this is the right book for you to read.

In Pax, the main character, called Peter, caught a fox in the woods when Peter was still nine years old. Peter decided to raise it and become a great companion of his. As time went on, Peter’s father got called to the war that just started. Peter’s father commanded Peter to leave the fox in the woods because he was moving to his grandpa’s house in the city, and he couldn’t leave the fox there. Peter was very worried about the tame fox that doesn’t understand anything about mother nature since it was with Peter from a very young age. It wasn’t long before Peter decided to leave the house and start looking for Pax. At the same time, Pax found new friends and learned how humans started the war. While Peter was looking for Pax, he fell and broke his leg. Peter found a woman in the forest that welcomed him to her house and helped him with his broken leg. The book that shows how committed Peter is to find Pax and take him home.

I really liked it and want to recommend this book to you because this is an emotional book that even makes you sob a bit (at least I did). This book also shows not to give up at certain times, and always take a risk to overcome challenges. Pax is a short and easy book and is appropriate for all ages.

There are lots of decisions that I could choose, such as, Charlotte’s Web or Crossover. Pax took me to a whole new level of understanding friendship. It also connected to my life in some way, like a time when we had the middle school sleepover. We were playing capture the flag in the night, and my buddy, Harrison, ran into the girl zone all alone and sadly, he died. I took a risk and made a plan to go into the zone and save Harrison. Luckily, I saved him because the girls run very slow.

By James L.

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