Title: Pathfinder

By: Orson Scott Card


   Imagine you’re a boy with a father. But your father dies by a chance. You’re full of grief, but you discover a BIG secret! A secret that no one has ever told you!

   Rigg is obscurely known for his ability to track the paths of animals and human beings. But one thing that’s very weird is that he could never track his father. One day, in the woods, he is tracking his father with hearing until he finds his father dead. Well, not DEAD. Unfortunately, Rigg’s father ordered Rigg not to look at his corpse, for some strange reason. As his passing father and Rigg has this conversation, Rigg realizes he had a royal family and needs to go there immediately. Accompanied by other people with special abilities, he ventures off to find his long-lost mother and sister. As his journey begins, he will run into angry mobs, historical illusions, and a betrayal. But the question remains. Will he succeed in the finding of his family? Or will he fail and lose all of his lives on finding out the secret he never knew, seize to exist, and never be known as the Pathfinder?

   This book is as thick as it can get with the story, so if you want this book to read for a school year, I suggest you check it out at the very beginning of a quarter. And don’t get your hopes up. You might not complete the AR test you’ll take. This book is in the science fiction genre and is suitable for 6th graders and up!

   If you like suspense books with connective characters and convenient activities, I suggest you read this book!


By: Jacob C.

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