My Side of the Mountain

Are you bored? Is your life stale? If so, My Side of the Mountain is the perfect book to get your adrenaline rushing and gushing. You can learn how to survive in the wilderness with only flint and steel. (And a knife.)

The main character is Sam Gribley, a typical 13-year-old boy who wanted to live at his grandfather’s land. Because he wanted to get away from New York City because NYC is too boring to the main character in this book. So that is why he hitch hiked there and asked people where the land is. Then when he asked everyone in the little town nearby. Every ones answer is “heard of it before but don’t know where it is.” Later he found where the library was then he asked the librarian for help finding his grandfather’s house and land. When they found it. He went there to find a lean-to shelter that is easy to build. Then he went to a shop to buy a fire steel and a normal knife. Later after he went to the deepest part of the Catskills mountains and then he made a dug out house which will be permanent. Later he stole a Falcon as his pet.

I will recommend this book to people that like the outdoors. Just as much as I do. Because I am addicted to the outdoors. This book does not have hard vocab but you can’t skip a chapter or even a page. Because the Book twists and turns very fast, for example from the gunshot to Swimming by the river.

If you like the great outdoors and survival you will like this book. Because first it give’s you more knowledge about the great outdoors. And It will teach you how to be a bushcrafter.

By: Danny J.

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