Spy Camp

Title: Spy Camp

By: Stuart Gibbs (THE BEST AUTHOR EVER!!!!!!)

Have you ever been to a summer camp of some type? Yes, well maybe you go there for fun but in this book, the main character was actually going on summer vacation but then some other plans happened so he had to go to a camp to be trained to be a better spy. Then something bad happens……..

    This kid named Benjamin goes to a camp to be trained to be a better spy during the summer but then an evil organization named SPYDER wants to kill him because of the history between Benjamin and his Spy School and SPYDER. But on the way to the camp, he received a mysterious threat letter from SPYDER and it said if Ben worked for them, he would become rich but if he refused, he would get assassinated. But if it wasn’t for Erika Hale, Ben’s crush and the best spy in the school, Ben’s life would be in danger  Erika arrives at the camp and secretly protecting Ben’s life without him knowing. Until one day, SPYDER sends some spies to come and hunt down Ben and Erica. Will they survive and escape the hands of the evil organization SPYDER or will they die????????????

This is the book is one my-my favorite books ever. But if you read this book, then I recommend you to read the whole series. The other books are called, SPY SCHOOL, EVIL SPY SCHOOL, SKY SPY SCHOOL and SPY CAMP SECRET SERVICE. All these books are really really good books. If you like books related to Mystery, adventure, and action, you would love this series.

Anyways this is my book recommendation and I hope you are interested in this book and series now. If you have any more questions, you can come ask me. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!

By: Jonathan L.

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