By: Cornelia Funke

It’s summer, you have to go to a library for a long time, there’s a lot of books to read, but you don’t want to keep switching books. Well, read Inkspell! It is a fantasy book and it’s really interesting.

This book is about Meggie, Mo, Elinor, and Dustfinger. Meggie, Mo, and Resa moved into Elinor’s house after defeating Capricorn. Later, Orpheus talked Dustfinger into Inkheart, but then he tricked Farid and did not bring him into the book. Farid ran to Elinor’s house and begged Meggie to talk him into Inkheart, Meggie agreed, but accidentally took Grim in as well. Later Orpheus took Basta and Mortola and broke into Elinor’s house, they took Mo into the inkworld but then shot him. Mo is now shot and bleeding with his wife beside him. Will Mo survive? Or will he die? Later on in the story, Farid was able to enter the book Inkheart and warned Dustfinger about Basta. What will Dustfinger do?

I recommend this book to people who want to read a super long book. In this book, there are multiple perspectives so it’s kind of confusing, but once you understand it, it’s awesome. I have to warn you, if you didn’t read the first book, Inkheart. You will be really confused while reading InkSpell.

Inkspell is good for people that like magical worlds, but it’s very challenging for many people. Are you up for the challenge?

By: Samuel Y.

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