Title: Inferno

By:  Dan Brown   

There are thousands of books out in the world, just shouting in the bookstore: “PICK ME!” But there is one book, that is special. And that, is the book Inferno, by Dan brown.

There was a person. He was very smart, and he knew that the world is eventually gonna end, because of too much population. He had many speeches, including ways to take care of the world’s population, which is creating a virus.

Langdon is a person who woke up in a hospital bed, who has no memory of who he is, and when the hospital people found him, he kept saying: “very sorry, very sorry.” Eventually Langdon will find out about his own true identity, and then stop a very serious crime from happening. He also finds a girl called Sienna Brooks and they start  work together to figure out ancient old documents on the virus, while also slowly discovering Langdon’s identity. Will he have something to do with the virus? And will he stop it in time from happening?

 I recommend this book to middle school students and above. It is a very hard book, but very interesting once you start reading it. I also recommend this book to people who like Mystery and History, because there are a lot of old history facts and stories that will be spine-chilling!

This is a very good book! The twists and turns of the story keep you at the edge of your seat. I could’ve picked any other book, like the Maze Runner Series or Space case, which is also a very good book, but I picked this book because it really gets your blood pumping and you can’t think of anything else except the events in the story!

By: Joseph T.

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