Evil Spy School


Evil Spy School

By: Stuart Gibbs

Don’t you hate old boring books that are lame and predictable? Well, this book has unique plots and twists that aren’t easily predictable, making a story a whole lot exciting. It has a lot of action and story into it that readers can enjoy and even more if they put themselves in the main character’s shoes. This book can really be the spy-ce of life for you. Heh heh, get it?

This book is the 3rd book of the Spy School series, and the story starts in a game of CTF (Capture the Flag), where 12-year-old Ben somehow accidentally shot a live mortar round into the principal’s office and getting himself expelled. So his parents had to re-enrolled Ben back into his old middle school where he meets Joshua, but this time he wears an eye patch, a hook, and a mechanical leg. (Read Spy Camp) He offered Ben to join SPYDER, which he accepted after recalling what Erica had advised him about before he left the Spy School campus. But now he’s trapped in the SPYDER school and so he decided that he is supposed to spy around in it, but he needs to be careful and quiet.

This book is filled with mysteries and clues that needed to be connected by the main character to figure out what was going on. The story’s crazy or unique events will make sure that you’ll never get bored or tired while reading this book. It’s very entertaining for those who enjoys books with unpredictable plots and twists. I’d recommend this to bored kids or people that are looking for books that are worth reading.

If you like adventures and mysteries with strange events that actually make sense when connected together, you’ll like this book.

By: Daniel K

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