Dork Diaries: Frenemies Forever

Dork Diaries Frenemies Forever

Dork Diaries is a series book that will make you to never stop laughing. This story is about a girl named Nikki. Nikki has a diary that she writes in every day about her secrets and the drama that is happening. Every book in this series has some interesting and embarrassing drama that is going on in her life. Her contains some ridiculous things she had to go through with her dorky brain.

Nikki was so happy about the fact that this absolute jerk (Mackenzie) was going to leave the school until she found out her school had a program to let the students exchange school for a week. Nikki, with bad luck, had to go to North Hampton Hills, which was the same school Mackenzie was for one week. To make matters worse her crush and her BFFs all got Southridge middle school which they were to have to fun with Brandon’s (Nikki’s crush) friends there. This time when she went, she had to deal with not just Mackenzie, but another evil creature. She was called Tiffany, and she was the queen of the school, but she was also the meanest. She got Nikki into many trouble when the victim was actually her and her friends. Will Nikki team up with Mackenzie, or will she just have to deal two jerks?

This book is appropriate for all ages. I recommend this book for people who love reading about school stories that include drama and humor. This book isn’t hard at all. It looks pretty thick, but it’s because the book is filled with a bunch of illustrations and big letters. I think this book will mostly be suitable for upper elementary and middle school.

By: Annie

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