Title: Distortion

By: Terri Blackstock

Murder, crime, and court cases. That sounds like a good description of what Distortion is mostly about. Distortion is a fast paced book that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Trust me, I  started reading under the dinner table once.

Distortion is about a woman, Juliet, whose husband, Bob, is gunned down right in front of her at a U-Haul. Bob seemed like a pretty good man, he was a doctor who was pretty well off and had many patients. At first, he is found innocent, but as the search for the killer continues, Juliet finds out that the man she was married to for 15 years wasn’t the same person she thought he was. Juliet, along with her sisters and the police are destined to find the criminal and make him or her pay for what they have done. Her sisters joined her because one of their husbands was killed in a scene similar to hers, so they want to investigate more. But as the story proceeds, Juliet finds herself in sticky situations and cases  she never imagined setting foot on. She finds herself uncovering the hard truth about the man she devoted her life to. Juliet is torn and devastated when she finds out that Bob wasn’t as innocent as he was said to be. Juliet, along with the police and FBI, uncover the truth about Bob’s relations with drugs and his actual job. Turns out that he had another side of him that was hidden away from her and a crime-filled secret life that totally deceived Juliet for many years.


I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrilling mystery books or crime-solving books. I would also recommend this book to someone who can usually predict what happens at the end because sometimes when you read books, the ending is always so predictable (remember those first grade Geronimo Stilton books?). There are many times in the book when your predictions are proved wrong, and that just makes you want to keep reading on.


If you like thrilling mystery books with unpredictable endings, this book is the book you should read. Also, if you like The Westing Game or Masterpiece, you will find this book interesting.
By: Margaret T.

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