Title: Pure

By:  Julianna Baggott

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a huge bomb were to go off in the future, and leave the whole world devastated?  This is a great book for you if you do!

In this book, a teen girl, named Pressia Belze, struggles to survive in life after the Detonations.  The Detonations were bombs that blew up and fused everyone to something. For example, if you were wearing a necklace, the necklace would get fused onto your skin. Oh wait, did I say everyone?  Well, I mean almost everyone.  A hand full of people got access to the Dome. the Dome is a dome of protection, and anyone who was inside of it are not fused. Theses people are called Pures. On day one of the Pures escaped. The Pure’s name is Partridge. Partridge and Pressia eventually meat and they embark on an exciting journey to uncover that truth about the Detonations. On their way, they are being hunted by strange creatures that are very unnatural.

I would suggest this book for people who like action and adventure.this book has a very interesting storyline too. I wouldn’t suggest this book for 4  grade or anyone younger because it has some scary stuff like deformed people and animals. I also wouldn’t suggest this for people with vivid imaginations…

Overall, I think that this is a great book. In fact, this is one of my favorite books. Again, I wouldn’t suggest this book for a younger reader because of all the creepy stuff in the book. I hope this book review has helped you find a book.

By: Samuel W.

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